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2014-07-31 18:58
Arthur van Rooijen
Resource Allocation:
Is it possible to assign work to a resource on a daily basis? e.g. I have a task (1) with a work load of 50 days. I assign this task for 8 hours a day to one resource. Every Thursday this resource has to work on a high priority Task(2) for 4 hours. This means the resource will be over assigned on Thursdays. Now I want change the workload for task 1 to 4 hours every Thursday. Is this possible?
2014-08-28 00:30
About Ganib:
Is this the correct way to locate ganib war file in xampp? C:\xampp\tomcat\webapps\Ganib-3.3-with-jre C:\xampp\tomcat\webapps\Ganib-3.3-with-jre\tomcat\webapps
2014-10-31 09:38
Ganib Installation :
Hello, I execute all instructions explained by : but when the browser is launched, it says "The connection failed, Firefox can not establish a connection to the server at localhost: 8080". Help me please!
2015-02-26 11:27
Michael Iber
Manage Calendar:
Hello, when clicking on the Calendar ICon, a window opens with a error message: calendarID required. I am on OSX 10.9 and tried with Safari and Firefox-Browsers. Thanks for helping, Best regards, Michael Iber
2015-07-30 07:53
Vivek Hariharan
Task management:
When we allocate a Task to a resource/member they do get a notification email, but when the task has been completed the Project Manager who allocated the task should get a completion mail notification, which I don't receive. I have installed the free version (on premise).