Managing Roles and Permissions in Ganib

As a manager, it's not always right to treat everyone on your team in the same way.

For instance, you probably have team members that you've developed a great relationship with: you trust them, they work hard, and they've never let you down. To you, these team members are invaluable, and you make an extra effort to send challenging projects their way.

For the sake of Project’s security, all the users cannot be given the access to do all the operations in the project. The Project owner needs to maintain some privileges to keep his project from being tampered.

Ganib has Managed this Role Permissions in a security module. In a Account, there are by default three types of roles defined;


Leader and


You can also include you own Custom Roles (You can create as many custom roles as you can)

And three types of Permissions;


Modify and


As a Domian owner, you can create your own custom role and manage their permissions accordingly..

The general practice in rendering the access rights are that, the Leader has freedom to add, edit or remove any kind of data from the project.

The Manager has the rights to do these actions, but is only limited to the area which comes under his direction.

The project members are not easily given the authority to do whatever they might. Only basic operations are allowed to be performed by them; for the rest of the operations, they need to request for a permission to the leader to give them right to access the contents.


NOTE: If at all none of the above permissions( Create, Modify and Delete) are set or highlighted.. It represents still that role has a permissions to view those particular module

Ganib by defualt provides "View" Sets On for all the Roles.. whether they are system default ones or custome roles


By default Permissions associated with different Roles:

Manager has all the permissions. Leader can only Create and Modify things in a project or Account but he cannot delete anything without permission. Members only have view and create permissions, they cannot modify or delete any data from the project or account.


Associating a Permission Scheme with different Roles:

1. Go to Settings Tab.



2. Click on Security option.



It will re-direct you to below page



Here you can set Permissions for different roles i.e. Member, Leader or Manager. Click on Submit to Apply them.




Editing Roles Permissions:

Only the Project or Account Manager (owner) has the right to change the permissions of different roles. The Submit button, by click on which permissions will be applied to different roles, will not be made available for other members, except the Manager. If the any other member wants to access for the section where he is restricted, he needs to send Request Access for the same to his Manager. If the Manager grants the permission, requesting member will be permitted with the requesting permission.

To Edit Role Permissions,

1) Go to Settings Tab(you need to be a Manager to edit roles of others)

2) Click on Security option, It will re-direct you to below page

3) Edit Roles Permissions

4) Click on Submit to Apply them.


Add a New Customized Role;

1) Select your account

2) Go to Resources Tab

3) Click on option, Add New Role

 4) Provide new Role with Name and hit Save.


5) New Role added wil be within listed under Secutity Section


6) You can now edit its permissions as you want.


 How to create a custom role?

Click here to know more about custom role creation and etc.,




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