User Inheritance

Inheritance in general is an act of passing something like property or other rights or obligations from a parent to their children. Inheritance can be seen nearly every where right from Human Evolution to Object Oriented Programming.

Ganib also have now enculcated the Inheritance feature for inviting users from Account to Project. User Inheritance in Ganib allows us to sustain the Resources from Account to Projects Automatically.

User Inheritance in Ganib can be enabled by the Domain Owner or the very first registered User(in case of Open Source version).

Here's how the domain owner can Enable the User Inheritance feature:
1. Click on your name on the top right corner of the page.


2. Go to Settings.

3. In User Management tab, you will see a option called 'Inherit Users from Account to Projects?'

4. Click on Yes and Submit.

This will allow user inheritance from Account to Project throughout the domain.

Inheriting Users through Account Dashboard:
Once admin has enabled user inheritance features through the admin settings; an option will be enabled on all the Account Dashboards Create Project Panel saying, 'Inherit Users from Account to Project'.


This option will contain a toggle button. If the toggle is set to Yes, as soon as the project is created, all the users which are present in its Parent Account, will be automatically carried forward to the Created Project.


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2014-09-30 15:22
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