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In today's business world, a domain name and a web presence are a must. Your domain name is your online identity, which allows internet users from around the world to locate and browse your web site 24*7.

It can be used as your email address and your web address. A domain name can also be used as a supplemental pointer to your existing site name 

Domain is a service provider holding a security repository permitting to easily authenticate and authorize clients with credentials.

Domain serves as a platform in which many businesses and their respective projects are collaborated.

Domain acts like a canvas in which the Businesses (Accounts) reside and in Accounts, are the Projects. So, technically it forms a hierarchical structure where Domain contains Accounts and Accounts contain Projects.

Having your own domain name makes your company look professionalHaving your own domain name indicates you're part of the new economy, it implies that you're technologically up to date. If perception is reality, having your own domain name might just put you ahead of your competitors.

Domain names that include common keywords can improve a site's ranking in search results turned back by major search engines. Many large search directories will not even list a site that does not have its own domain name. As well, domain names are easy to remember and customers may not have to search at all to find you.

 You can create your custom domain for Ganib. You would need to mention domain name, at the time of registration process.

1. Go to Registration Form and Click on Sign up link provided at Login panel.



2. Enter Name, Email, Password and Confirm Password and enter the Domain Name with all the fields provided here.


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