Error:Page not found on server during signup. Security key?


Hello again,

Our test environment is Xampp. We installed the missing .Jar files in tomcat/lib ie. mySql Connector ,mail.jar and javax.mail.jar and managed to reach the sign up page.

After entering details including a security key which we generated on our own, the next page says:

Ganib error

Ganib Error

Not Found

The requested page was not found on this server.
How do we obtain the security key? We are testing Ganib in xampp. We want to test every feauture in the software to decide on future use. Any help on how to reach main software page and fully use it on our test servers?
Please remember that we are running it completely on our servers and will test it offline on localhost 1st.
Thank you in advance once again! Thanks for the previous responses which got us till the sign up page using xampp!
asked Mar 14, 2014 by BEGINNER (280 points)

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I think you are using empty or incorrect security key while signup. Please refer below faq link to get your security key.

You must be logged in with admin (1st registered account) in order to get security key.

Also if you have configured SMTP with ganib, you can invite users directly from ganib admin dashboard.

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answered Mar 17, 2014 by graham (1,030 points)
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