Unable to connect to database error after following the steps provided under XAMPP installation



1st, a big thank you for answering to my prevous post.

I followed the steps as provided but now a ganib page appears with the error "unable to connect to the database".

Since you had requested the log files I am pasting them in the order:

1> catalina.2014-03-13.log

2>localhost.2014-03-13.log --contains data on why ganib failed

3>localhost_access_log.2014-03-13,.txt--should help in tracking event




2>localhost.2014-03-13.log --contains data on why ganib failed


3>localhost_access_log.2014-03-13,.txt--should help in tracking event



Any ideas what to do nex guys? Thank you for your fantastic efforts and I will surely choose as best answer the moment eveything works perfect. Xampp is an important testing platform and this post should help other Ganib users to resolve the xampp issues!


Have a great day and hoping a quick reply as we are in the middle of choosing softwares.

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1.. As per your error log it seems that you don't have mysql-java-connector in your tomcat's lib directory, You can download this jar here.

2.. Extract downloaded zip & copy mysql-connector-java-x-x-x.jar in your "lib" directory of tomcat.

3.. Make sure you have correct configuration details in context.xml & imported ganib database in MySQL.

4.. Once you done with above steps restart tomcat server from xampp panel or services.


Thanks & Regards,


answered Mar 14, 2014 by graham (1,030 points)
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