Ganib Installation - Windows


Ganib Installation
OS : Linux, Windows, Macintosh
Softwares : JAVA, MySQL, Apache tomcat version 6 & above.

Download latest Ganib from sourceforge.
Unzip downloaded file in your home directory.

MySQL Database

Now you need to import database script files. Execute below commands in mysql command line.

      mysql -u root -p

     mysql > CREATE DATABASE db_name CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
     mysql > exit;

Open CMD to import MySQL database & run below commands

  mysql -h localhost -u root -p ganib < c:\PATH_TO_GANIB_DIR\database\structure.sql

 mysql -h localhost -u root -p ganib < c:\PATH_TO_GANIB_DIR\database\data.sql
 mysql -h localhost -u root -p ganib < c:\PATH_TO_GANIB_DIR\database\properties.sql

Now edit GANIB_HOME\conf\context.xml file to change database connection properties.


To change SMTP settings you need to edit GANIB_HOME\conf\context.xml &amp; edit below lines.

<Resource name="mail/GanibSession" type="javax.mail.Session" auth="Container""localhost" mail.smtp.auth="false" username="username" password="password" mail.user="username" mail.password="password" mail.smtp.port="25" mail.transport.protocol="smtp" mail.debug="true" />

Port settings

Bydefault ganib run on port 8080. If port 8080 is already in use, you can change port by editing GANIB_HOME\conf\server.xml.

<Connector port="7070" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" URIEncoding="UTF-8" redirectPort="8443" />

Change connector port from above lines to run ganib on another port.

Start Ganib

Now you need to start ganib execute below files batch file.


If everything is configured as per above instructions. you can access it using web browser. Enter below url in web browser.


Replace "localhost" with your system IP address. Also you need to replace port no if you've changed it.

If MySQL database is reachable it will take you to sign page.


  • Complete sign up process & now you can use ganib.


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