I can modify the working times calendars


If I try to change the work schedule to associate to a specific resource, that only work on specific days, when clicking on the submit button, nothing happens and the information is not recorded


asked Oct 6, 2014 by mariocortes (220 points)

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answered Oct 7, 2014 by Jaclyn (18,310 points)
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I need to modify the working time because We have people that work only 3 days for week. Let me know if you understand my requirement ? Thank you
answered Oct 8, 2014 by mariocortes (220 points)
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I have the apache tomcat inform exception

type Informe de Excepción


descripción El servidor encontró un error interno que hizo que no pudiera rellenar este requerimiento.




nota La traza completa de la causa de este error se encuentra en los archivos de diario de Apache Tomcat/7.0.47.

answered Oct 8, 2014 by mariocortes (220 points)
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