The tasks are shifiting to next following day if multiple tasks of few hours assigned to a resource with dependency

  1. Added two tasks of 4 hrs duration and assigned to a resource.
  2. Task1 dependency is linked to task2.
  3. Task2 start data and end date moved to next day after dependency is added to task2, eventhough 4 hrs left on first day for the resource.

Please suggest how to move the task2 to the same day of task1.

asked Sep 19, 2014 by gogineni (480 points)

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Thank you for approaching us.

The time gap within two dependent tasks is based upon the type of dependency and the Lag Time. By default, the Lag time is 1 day. Here, you can use 'Start to Start' dependency, which would schedule both the tasks on the same day.
I am providing a screenshot for better understanding below:

To know more about task dependencies, you can visit following link:

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answered Sep 19, 2014 by Jaclyn (18,310 points)