Errors post upgrade to 5.3

Hi Team,

We have now upgraded Ganib to the recent version.  First of all thank you for fixing most of the bugs and issues and improving the features to a much better level. There are few of them which still needs some fixing.

We have jotted down the below issues which were existing in the older versions and were informed that this would be rectified in the recent version of 5.3.

1] Error while Importing Ganib MSP export XML file into MS Project 2013 - Task names appear as some random UID numbers. Even when i am exporting the Plan in the form of XLS file all the task or activities appear in one single line, indenting of task doesnt exist at all.

2] Monthly Timesheet not working - Monthly view is still not working, as highlighted earlier nothing appears to change even after i select the account and Project

3] Forgot Password URL not working - This issue has been existing right from the start, user not able to acces this link to change their password once forgotten. The same exists in 5.3 version as well.

Please check and revert if this can be fixed or not.
asked Jan 19, 2016 by vivek.hariharan (620 points)

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Thank you for escalating the problem facing by you.

We have send your findings to our developement team.Will send details for each points once get analysed by our developement team.    

If you are still facing any issues, Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.



Jaclyn N,
Ganib Support Team, Ganib Inc.
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answered Jan 20, 2016 by Jaclyn (18,310 points)