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Hi Team,

Is Notifications Settings disabled for Free installed version user or is there a problem. Please find the attached Screenshot where i just see columns and nothing else. We do have access to Security settings though.

Please revert asap.

asked Nov 19, 2015 by vivek.hariharan (620 points)

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We are not providing access for notifications with earlier versions of Ganib which is now made available with the latest version i.e. Ganib 5.2. 
You can download the latest version of Ganib from
OR you can run the below script on your existing database and try again:
INSERT INTO `PN_EVENT_HAS_NOTIFICATION` VALUES (100,100),(200,200),(400,400),(500,500),
Please try the provided solutions and do let us know if you are facing any other issues.


Jaclyn N,
Ganib Support Team, Ganib Inc.
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answered Nov 23, 2015 by Jaclyn (18,310 points)
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