Security Manager Issues

I've been trying to change the security settings on the Account level. I've not setup any projects but I have 3 members:
1 admin,
1 leader,
1 member
I've tried to limit the security on the role so that the member and leader can't see the Security Manager, but every time I log in as a different role, they all have the same permissions, and can access and change security, irrespective of their role.
I'm using Ganib 2.0 on Windows.
asked Jan 30, 2014 by stephenmelody (160 points)

I'm still having these problems...

I change the security settings but the end users can still see everything and have open access to the whole system.

This is a big issue for me, please can you advise?

Here's what I have set, but they can see everything.

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I had the same problem as I reported here. I will have to move to Ganib 2.0 to check, but it seems that it is still not working

answered Feb 3, 2014 by prmottajr (970 points)