Work affected to a resource on a task

I'm willing to use the "FIxed Work" as Default Task Calculation Type.

Indeed we handle several projects where resources can work during a period on several projects in parallel and where we sell services always associated to a certain amount of days.

As an example, we have tasks that can last 5 days in total to be consumed in a timeframe of 2 or 3 months.

THe thing is that when a resource is affected to this kind of task, Ganib will calculate 8 hours/day by default and then I have to adjust the hours/day, but it is complicated when I have a timeframe of several months.

And Ganib modifies the dates to adjust with the hours/day for the allocated ressources.

Would it possible to put the setting of hours/day as an optional feature ? Otherwise could you advise me on how I could handle this another way?

asked Apr 1, 2014 by fbriand (800 points)

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Thank you for escalating this problem.

The conflict is actually occuring due to the units of work. When you set the task's work to fixed and assign a duration and then assign the resource to the task, the units of work for that user are by default calculated as 8 hours per day. And according to this, the duration is recalculated.

However, our development team is working on it and we are in a process of making this feature more flexible in our further release.

Meanwhile, if there are some other concerns, Please feel free to contact us.

Happy Using Ganib.



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answered Apr 3, 2014 by Jaclyn (18,310 points)