Several Issues Ganib 5.1


Hi all,


I'm trying out Ganib 5.1 to be used as a Project Management and Planning tool in my small department.

The issues I have encountered so far:

  • Unable to get it working on a new Centos install with TomCat6
    • it was needed to add factory="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSourceFactory" to the tomcat xml file
  • I can not enable inheritance for members of an account to projects
    • seems like a bug in the admin section
  • Using labels on projects did not show the added labels until I refreshed the browser
    • No I have three labels with the same text and I'm unable to delete them
  • I'm unable to see if I didn't overload my team in the planning.
    • I can not see if I have planned to much hours in to little timeframe (load) on different projects for the same team member(s).
  • I'm missing a 'Account Planning' Gantt Chart/Overview for all the projects I am leader/manager of.
    • I'm unable to oversee the overall planning and load
  • I'm unable to change the overall working hours for my resources
    • For example, I have 3 people working 5days/40hours, 2 people working 4.5days/36hours, 1 person working 4days/32hours
  • My Ganib installation is sending mails as blog<number> and showing how to create tasks replying to this mail
    • But how is this data going to arrive on my system?
    • Do I need to edit and configure inbound smtp mail flow?
    • How does this work/is it designed?
  • ...some more...


Overall Ganib looks really great, but I find it not very easy to use.

I am missing a user guide/usage guidance video for most-use-cases.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I am having a hard time setting Ganib up for usage.

Can anyone be of assistance? Am I looking in the wrong direction?


With kind regards,


Ron Peeters


asked Dec 30, 2014 by ronpeeters (220 points)

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Thank you for approaching us.
We did go through the problems that you have faced while installating Ganib..
Yes, Our Technical Team is always ready to help you on real time..
Our Technical Engineer will help you through the installation process as well as with all the other concerns you have regarding utilization of Ganib.
Please add our Skype ID: support.ganib and shoot me an email (on with your convenient date and time.. So that I can schedule a meeting as per the 
Otherwise, you can also provide your Skype Id so that we can contact you directly.
Also, you have posted some valuable suggestions above, which we have included in our roadmap and our development team is in the process of developing it currently.
These new enhancements would be soon complete and available for our users.


Jaclyn N,
Ganib Support Team, Ganib Inc.
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answered Dec 30, 2014 by Jaclyn (18,310 points)