A general project for everyone to book hours on?

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Is it possible to create a general project on which my team member can book their hours for supporting a different department?

I have a it project engineering department. But our assistance is needed a few times a day at the Support desk of our firm.

I need my project team to be able to book their used time on something.

A general task project would suffice. But how do I create one of that kind so it does not occupy any planned time for my project members.


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Ron Peeters
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Thank you for approaching us.
Yes, you can create another project to capture work on a different task.
Creating another project and task for a different department will not hamper your current project schedule and also, it would help the user to capture proper hours for the other task. It will be in a totally different space, but the total work captured by that user in both the projects will be displayed within the same Account Timesheet, so that the total hours captured by that user would not be lost.
If you are facing any other issues, Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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